Established in 2001 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, CYMEK PETROCORR LIMITED emerged from a need for unparalleled quality service delivery in the Nigerian Oil/Gas and Allied industries. Our journey has been defined by ethics, evolution, and professionalism, setting us apart in the competitive petroleum industry.

Our Vision

To develop a legacy of trust, performance, and excellence that transcends the dreams of our founders.

Our Mission

Deploying all resources to position our company as a leader in the Oil and Gas Sector, ensuring total quality satisfaction and providing optimum returns on stakeholders' investment.

TQM Statement

At CYMEK PETROCORR LIMITED, we uphold an unwavering commitment to quality assurance and control. Our stance is uncompromising; we would rather abstain from engagement than compromise on quality. This ethos permeates from our management down to every member of our dedicated staff.

This steadfast commitment has been instrumental in upholding standards in accordance with global best practices. We firmly believe that the quality of services is a defining factor. Consequently, we strive to imbue this principle in every facet of our operations.

This commitment aligns seamlessly with the corporate vision of CYMEK PETROCORR LIMITED, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the Oil and Gas sector, our commitment to quality remains non-negotiable.

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